Thursday, May 14, 2009


Grandpa & Grandma Mills


Grandpa & Grandma Stevens

Grandpa & Grandma Northrup, Dad, Cooper & Kanzas

Cooper had an AWESOME soccer season!!! He LOVED having his grandparents come watch. Grandpa & Grandma Stevens received the best show with Cooper scoring 6 GOALS leading his team to a 6-0 VICTORY!!! He is quite an ATHLETE! There were only two games he didn't score in...1 was a tie game 0-0 and the other he pucked before and after and didn't move much during the game which is VERY unusual:) Thanks everyone for coming and supporting Cooper...he is a LUCKY boy to be LOVED so much by all of you!!!

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Megan and Mike said...

UPDATE YOUR FREAKING BLOG! Im officically stalking you now hhahaa